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we have
1 billion
monthly active users
we process over
30 thousand
requests per second
we track
3 billion
events a day

Who We Are

In 2011, three mobile app developers faced the challenges inherent in building and maintaining mobile apps – their app had performance issues and they were flying blind. So, they created Crittercism, the world’s first app performance management solution built ground-up for mobile.

Crittercism’s mission is to enable mobile and IT Ops teams to deliver high-performing, highly reliable mobile apps. To accomplish this, we process over 30,000 requests per second from over 1 billion mobile users in real time. Supporting over 30 million users per engineer, we push the product and engineering envelope for innovation.

We don’t do it alone. We draw on the power of our diversity. Our work hard, play hard culture defines the typical week at Crittercism. Come join us and have a huge impact on the future of mobile.

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Meet Some Critters

  • Frances Critter, Esq.
    It's a jolly good place, this Crittercism
    a critter since 2011
    best dressed
    budding beau brummell
  • Dr. Carlos X Critter
    Mad Scientist
    The critters are my finest creation to date.
    best hair
    most enthusiastic
    aspiring bibliothecary
Founded in
by nerds
Based in
San Francisco
We have
critters (and counting)

So why do we love working here?
"The problem and the people."

Huge Scale, Huge Impact

Here at Crittercism we're building leading-edge mobile performance management solutions that demand a wide array of skills and experience. Our team is composed of server engineers, low-level systems programmers, data scientists, front-end and operations pros, designers, and experts in quality engineering, data science, analytics, and other areas.

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Mobile + Big Data = Awesome

Our Best Work

People do their best work when they’re passionate about what they do both inside and outside the office. That’s why we love working at Crittercism, where employees are encouraged to lead balanced lifestyles. We strive for excellence and diversity of experiences in all aspects of our lives.

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