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Gain Mobile Industry Insight with Crittercism Benchmarks

Crittercism is used by over 30,000 apps with over 1 billion monthly users across 120 countries, spanning dozens of industries and use cases. This gives us a unique insight into breaking mobility trends and critical metrics.

See How You Stack Up In The Industry With Benchmarking

Get detailed insight into the current state of the mobile industry with Crittercism’s Benchmarks.

Understanding Benchmarks

Crittercism helps you see how you’re stacking up by providing a wealth of benchmarks, from Revenue Risk to Business Transactions.

See crash rates and usage across major mobile platforms

Find out where crashes are happening and why. Discover which devices are most popular and which ones are causing problems.

Understand how the top devices are performing

Find out how the top devices are performing and what you can do to make your app operate seamlessly on them.

Get insight into responsiveness and latency trends

Find out how your app stacks up in terms of responsiveness and latency so you can make necessary changes or give yourself a nice pat on the back.

Benchmarks, Benchmarks, Benchmarks

When milliseconds can cost you millions, Crittercism reveals operational and usage trends, uncovers issues, and analyzes behaviors. This allows you to continuously improve apps, keep users happy, and put your mobile business at the top of its game.

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How Does Your App Compare? Introducing Benchmark Reports

We are delighted to introduce Crittercism Benchmark Reports. Starting this week we will begin sending out Benchmark Reports that allow our customers to contextualize and understand how their app stacks up against the competition across Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)...