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Define, Measure, And Optimize Your Mobile Bottom Line

Whether you are a CEO or CDO or Product Manager you understand that the success of your mobile business is measured in dollars and made up of critical user interactions and transactions.

Define and measure critical userflows to maximize revenue with Apteligent.
Identify and prioritize the high value and at-risk userflows that demand your attention most with real time alerts.
Conduct trend analysis and measure critical workflows over time so you can best optimize user experience and increase customer satisfaction.
When it comes to mobile business, time is of the essence. When issues arise, Apteligent provides you with instant alerts so you can act fast.

Build Better Apps Faster

You have enough to do without adding constant troubleshooting to the list. Apteligent gives developers the fastest way to build the best apps possible.

When crashes happen Apteligent provides detailed analysis so that you can quickly fix issues before they affect users.
Use breadcrumbs to retrace user actions that led to an error and quickly troubleshoot issues by automatically symbolicating stack traces.
Pinpoint crashes by business critical regions or drill down to individual store locations.
Apteligent groups identical crashes together so you can prioritize them by the impact on business and number of users affected.

Keep Your App’s Performance On Pace

Your goal is to be one step ahead of issues, and Apteligent is here to help. Our mobile app intelligence arms IT Ops and DevOps teams with detailed performance insights for mobile apps.

Apteligent offers detailed visibility into performance factors based on segments like device, OS version, network, API.
Identify issues before they affect end-user experience. Set alerts based on any metric and correlate them to problems so you can act fast.
Apteligent's deep mobile insights integrate with leading APM vendors (like Splunk) to get the ultimate in reporting.
Use Apteligent to identify issues before they affect end-user experience with proactive alerts.

Start Monitoring Your Critical Business Needs

When milliseconds can cost you millions, Apteligent reveals operational and usage trends, uncovers issues, and analyzes behaviors. This allows you to continuously improve apps, keep users happy, and put your mobile business at the top of its game.

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